Posted by Julieta Almanza | 12 September 2023
Your style is an asset!

We all like different things, from the kinds of places where we like to eat to the types of sports that we play or the people we like to hang out with, and all these choices define our style. Every person has a specific style, but sometimes we are not conscious or happy about it...

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Posted by Julieta Almanza | 31 August 2023
Work Outfits – Rules to be Comfortable

During the pandemic, most of us were working from home where we were wearing most likely lounge sets and in more extreme cases, even pajamas all day long. We all watched many viral videos in which people were attending a video call showing a collar shirt only to get up and show themselves in pajama...

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Posted by Julieta Almanza | 12 July 2023
How to shop for Pre-loved Fashion?

Buying second-hand items has always been normal for many people who were not doing it to be trendy, but out of necessity. We all have heard about that person wearing the clothes of their older siblings, and that is the purest form of using second-hand garments. Now, this concept has evolved into “pre-loved fashion”, and...

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Posted by Julieta Almanza | 11 July 2023
Japanese fashion styles

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Japan, and I will tell you one thing: Japanese people dress impeccably. With humidity like no other and high temperatures, no outfit is safe, and that's why you need to make smart wardrobe choices—something that Japanese people have absolutely mastered. In summer, light fabrics...

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Posted by Julieta Almanza | 12 January 2023
What you wear, matters!

What we wear says a lot… and I’m not talking from a superficial perspective. Think about this, you start your day by choosing an outfit (whether it’s consciously or not), you wear it the whole day, it touches your skin and it is one of the first things that people see when they talk to...

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