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I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Japan, and I will tell you one thing: Japanese people dress impeccably. With humidity like no other and high temperatures, no outfit is safe, and that’s why you need to make smart wardrobe choices—something that Japanese people have absolutely mastered. In summer, light fabrics will be your best friend, but also make sure that they dry fast because it can rain at any second.

Looking around, you can notice that they do have smart clothes that adapt to all these weather necessities, as well as to their culture. They are also extremely practical, always ready to look good while being on the go! I fell in love with their fashion choices, and I believe it is a style that has elements worth replicating. For example, I found the best trousers to wear to work at Uniqlo; they had the perfect shape and were made of fabric that would make you feel comfortable all day long.

Trousers from Uniqlo

Another relevant fact is that Japanese people are very conservative, especially in cities like Hiroshima, and they like to cover up. That’s why it is not surprising to see them wearing dresses with t-shirts underneath, gloves, and tights at all times. Also, they don’t like to tan, which is another reason for them to prefer long sleeves and to carry an umbrella at all times. Their choices include long dresses, wide-legged trousers, and very comfortable and fashionable shoes. They are living proof that in order to look good, you don’t need to overdo things.

Here I am wearing light fabrics that will also dry fast in case of rain!

But this minimalist style is not the only one, and some people like to express themselves by choosing more extravagant clothes. Have you heard about Harajuku? Extreme makeup, colors, and really high heels are just a few details of such complex outfits! It became known in the West when Gwen Stefani launched her song “Harajuku Girls,” but that’s just a bit of what they represent. In Tokyo, there’s a neighborhood called Harajuku, and it is full of cafes and shops that portray the mentioned style. While walking there, you can buy some accessories that will complete the outfit in case you want to become a Harajuku girl. 

Some inspo in Harajuku

Another example is Osaka, a city where people express themselves differently through clothes. When I visited, the city was very hot and I was surprised because contrary to what I saw in Tokyo or Kyoto, people were wearing shorts, mini skirts, and crop tops! I also noticed more variety when it comes to hairstyles, they were not afraid of bright colors, and seeing people with pink hair was common.

Japanese people are the kings of street style, and you can see these details even when they are on their way to the office! Men have a simple yet modern style that allows them to look innovative while commuting to work, and they are not afraid of using accessories such as bags to facilitate their activities! Women like to invest in luxury bags or shoes, and it is very common to see them using them at all times, even on the metro or while walking in the park!

If you are into luxury, you will love Japan! I was strolling through the streets of Hiroshima and was amazed by the amount of pre-loved luxury items shops. I even found one that was specifically selling Hermès, you can see it here! This is happening across all the main cities, including Tokyo of course. The best part of exploring those shops is being able to appreciate the level of perfection they have achieved when curating the products that they sell, as they really want to communicate luxury even if it is a pre-loved accessory. On the other hand, if you prefer to buy directly at the designer’s boutique, you will find beautiful flag stores with the latest collections of all brands. Just look at the Louis Vuitton boutique in Ginza! 


From this trip, I definitely have some takeaways:

  • Less is more
  • Clothes’ first function is to protect you (whether from the rain or the sun, etc)
  • Accessories that are practical can really make your life easier
  • You won’t regret investing in a good pair of shoes
  • If you are not into trends, a capsule wardrobe is key
  • Being comfortable is a priority

I felt really identified with the minimalist fashion style and bought some nice garments that will elevate my wardrobe. This brings me to an important point, as we know, sizes vary in every country according to peoples’ complexion, and the size that fits you in the US or Dubai might not fit you in Japan and that is OK! Always keep in mind that clothes need to adapt to your body, and not the other way around! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on Japanese fashion, and contact me if you would like to add any of these tips to your outfit choices, I will be happy to help. Follow me on Instagram to see more!

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