Work Outfits – Rules to be Comfortable

During the pandemic, most of us were working from home where we were wearing most likely lounge sets and in more extreme cases, even pajamas all day long. We all watched many viral videos in which people were attending a video call showing a collar shirt only to get up and show themselves in pajama pants (best-case scenario). Now, gone are the days in which you had to wear a suit to go to work, and most of the offices are even allowing sneakers, especially in more creative spaces.

I believe that you have to get dressed according to the place that you are going to, and that includes work. I know that sometimes we think “Oh, today I don’t have any meetings” and proceed to dress as if we were chilling at home, but getting ready for work is important as it is the step that will set the tone for the day. If you are working from home and you stay in pajamas the whole day, you will be in chilling mode and that will definitely impact your performance and mood.

Personally, I’ve noticed that when I stop caring about what I wear to go to the office, it means that I’m reaching a bad mental place, that I’m tired, or that I’m not happy at work 😮 (take a moment to think about this, how are you feeling every morning when you are getting ready? It might give you some relevant information about yourself).

Another important detail is that your style can match your workplace, whether is a very serious office – you can add your style with patterns or accessories – or a more creative space in which as long as you don’t look careless, dirty, or lazy, you will be fine. Also, there are certain rules that will facilitate your outfit choices every morning (or night if you are extremely organized):

  • Avoid revealing clothes, trust me, your workplace is not the place for it
  • Clothes must always be clean, ironed, and in good condition!
  • Basic hygiene is a must
  • Get out of your PJs when you are working from home
  • We all love T-shirts but unless you pair them with other nice garments, they will make you look very casual

You don’t need to look boring and choose plain colors every day (unless you wear a uniform lol), so don’t be afraid and use your wardrobe as a tool to achieve your goals. Ask yourself if what you are wearing is communicating what you want and if you are not sure, you can always contact me


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