Styling Services


We all have different personalities but expressing ourselves in the right way is key. I will help you find the ideal style that will make you feel confident and will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Trust me, once you try your new outfits, you will feel like an empowered version of yourself. I guarantee you that you will even start enjoying shopping and getting ready every morning will become your favorite ritual.


1. Image consulting

Learn to choose the best outfits for yourself. You will find out your body and face shape, as well as your ideal color palette .

2. Wardrobe Organization

Let’s take a look at your clothes, keep the ones that work for you and get rid of those that are not doing the job!

3. Personal Shopper

Nothing like a shopping session for a new start! We’ll go shopping together and I will teach you how to shop effectively!


We will define your objectives

Having a more professional look, a better wardrobe or learning how to shop, we will accomplish your goals.

Understanding your personality is key

Your true self won’t get lost under your new outfit. My objective is to make you feel confident while staying who you are!

Together we will find your ideal style

Looking good will help you in all areas of your life. I can promise that shopping will become your new favorite hobby!

Looking your Best is Important

Ace that interview,

look gorgeous on your wedding day

or find the ideal style for you!

I’ll be happy to help!


We had a personal shopping session and she changed my life. She guided me and it helped me change the perception I had of myself, which made me feel more confident in the end.

Steph Egry

Working with Julieta is great! She understood my style and instead of changing it drastically, she improved it. I definitely feel more comfortable and confident now that I found my differentiator.


I cared more about being comfortable than stylish, but with Juli’s help I learned that I can be both! We renovated my wardrobe with garments in the right size, being this trench coat the best purchase ever!



Work Outfits – Rules to be Comfortable

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How to shop for Pre-loved Fashion?

Buying second-hand items has always been normal for many people who were not doing it to be trendy, but out of necessity. We all have heard about that person wearing the clothes of their older siblings, and that is the purest form of using second-hand garments. Now, this concept has evolved into “pre-loved fashion”, and […]

Japanese fashion styles

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Japan, and I will tell you one thing: Japanese people dress impeccably. With humidity like no other and high temperatures, no outfit is safe, and that’s why you need to make smart wardrobe choices—something that Japanese people have absolutely mastered. In summer, light fabrics […]

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