Your style is an asset!

We all like different things, from the kinds of places where we like to eat to the types of sports that we play or the people we like to hang out with, and all these choices define our style. Every person has a specific style, but sometimes we are not conscious or happy about it because we feel that it is not helping us at all. Or maybe you don’t care about having a defined style, but if it is something that you carry at all times, wouldn’t you prefer for it to be an advantage for you?

Let’s imagine that you are applying for the job of your dreams and you will have an in-person interview. What is the first thing that the recruiter will look at? The answer is your clothes. This is not because he or she is a superficial person, but because your outfit is part of a first impression. What you wear is literally covering you at all times, so basically, it’s how you introduce yourself. What is your outfit saying right now? Don’t you want it to be an asset? 

To turn your outfit into a helpful tool, you will need to define your style. The process starts by checking your routines, likes/dislikes, needs as well as personal and professional objectives. All of these elements are important because we are constantly evolving and so are our objectives. Since our outfits are a tool that can help us reach them, we can work towards transforming them into a useful reflection of ourselves.

The next step is to look at the clothes and accessories that you wear or that you would like to wear (two very different things at times). Are they the best choices? Why do you wear them? Is there something that you are trying to avoid? The answers to these questions are essential, and they will give us the insights we need in order to create a look that is sustainable in the long term for you.

Once we have a direction, we can proceed to build a base with basic knowledge of yourself, such as your body/face type and your color palette. These elements will narrow the search for the correct items when the time for shopping comes, which translates into saving time and effort as you will be ready to spot the garments that will match your style in a sea of garments, also known as the shopping mall.

Now you know what shapes, colors, and fabrics are beneficial for you, it is time to put the basics together. By basics I mean those garments that are not season sensitive and that you can wear throughout the whole year, but that when mixed and matched with some garments or accessories they can create a trendy outfit. Once the basics are done, we proceed to add some trends! And here is when your style will come together because the trends you adopt will be a reflection of yourself. 

After this process is completed, you will have a defined style as well as the guidance to show your best self! It might look like a tedious process but it’s definitely not, and now in the era of self-care, knowing yourself is a priority since it will be the first step before taking your personality out there. Send me a message and let’s show the world the best version of yourself!

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